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Semiconductor Market Analysis – News and Forecasts for Industry Professional

Gain insights into emerging technologies, market trends and dynamics that influence the semiconductor industry. With this information, you can anticipate customer demands and position your company for future growth.

The industry’s growth is fueled by megatrends like remote working and e-mobility. But these growth drivers may also create challenges for your business.

Market Analysis

In order to make the right decisions in this fast-paced industry, you need accurate market information. That’s why we offer a range of reports on the Semiconductor industry, including revenue data and consumer trends.

Our analysis can help you stay ahead of the curve, anticipate shifts in demand, and position yourself to thrive in the future. Our global markets are presented by Semiconductor type, along with growth forecasts through 2030.

The global semiconductor industry’s aggregate annual growth could average from 6 to 8 percent a year up to 2030, resulting in a $1 trillion industry. Amid megatrends like remote working and the rise of AI, as well as soaring demand for electric vehicles, manufacturers and designers should take stock now to ensure they are best placed to reap the rewards.

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Industry Trends

The semiconductor industry ecosystem comprises of countless firms, including those that design the chips themselves, as well as those who provide raw materials and chemicals essential for preparing silicon before it goes into massive manufacturing machines. Still more companies manufacture the equipment used to test chips, while others are responsible for packaging them and distributing them to the end-users who ultimately buy and use them.

Demand for consumer electronics, the emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G, and industrial automation are driving growth in practically all semiconductor market segments. In addition, increased R&D spending by major players and technological innovations are boosting the industry’s expansion.

Moreover, the increasing popularity of electric vehicles among consumers worldwide is expected to augment the industry’s development. This in turn is anticipated to drive the automotive segment, which is projected to grow at a swift pace throughout the forecast period. This sector is also characterized by the high usage of sensors in vehicles, which is another factor responsible for propelling semiconductor market expansion.

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Market Forecasts

The semiconductor market is forecast to expand at a rapid pace for the next few years due to increasing adoption of smart sensors in consumer electronics, surging demand for smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and accelerating use of automotive chips. Additionally, increased spending on research and development activities by companies in North America will help boost the industry.

Despite the chip shortage that impacted growth in early 2020, the semiconductor market is expected to recover in 2021. This is mainly due to high demand from the automotive sector, where the cost of semiconductor content in an SAE Level 4 electric vehicle will likely triple from 2030.

The report offers a thorough analysis of the global semiconductor market by providing an overview of the key segments, current trends, estimations, and dynamics. It also includes information on major players in the industry. This includes a detailed profile of each company, along with their strategies.

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Company Profiles

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