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India’s semiconductor mission and how it can drive employment

The past two years have not been stressed by the disease alone. The geopolitical situation caused the shortage of chips before the world arrived. We face problems such as reduced supply, high demand, and lack of capacity in semiconductor fabs.

According to a chip company, a shortage of chips has hurt the US economy by $ 240 billion last year. The company is investing $ 95 billion in opening up and upgrading semiconductor plants in Europe.

Now, as global retailers rethink their plans to further strengthen their supply chain, the question arises: Can India lead? Some experts in the country are questioning whether India can be second lucky in its semiconductor manufacturing plans and push.

Yes, it certainly is possible. Our country can jump into a place that can be a new manufacturing hub for the world. It is a place to find rooted in democracy, professional talent, and a healthy natural society.


Karnataka was probably the first state to have a semiconductor policy. See the article : Two ways the semiconductor deficiency can play out. The state has come a long way in chip design and software development.

Our efforts were particularly strong last year in December, when the Union Cabinet approved a 76,000 crore program to upgrade the semiconductor and showcase the production in the Country.

With this, the current shortage of semiconductors across the country is poised to disappear quickly, and India will also achieve independence in semiconductor development.

This will also take India’s leadership in access technology to the next level, leading to economic dependence and giving India a new face on the manufacturing map. world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on April 29 this year, also hosted India’s first Semicon conference in Bengaluru to put India on the world map for semiconductor while setting up a new manufacturing facility. of natural living things.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan’s vision in electrical and semiconductor materials has now led to the establishment of India Semiconductor Mission (ISM) as an Independent Business Group within Digital India Corporation.

The mission aims to integrate and launch India’s long -term vision of establishing semiconductor and showcasing manufacturing facilities with a semiconductor design ecosystem.

It is anticipated and designed to be led by the world’s leading experts in the semiconductor and display industry. It will also act as the agency for all the implementation and smooth running of the programs.

The program will stimulate semiconductor and showcase production by helping support capital as well as collaborative businesses.

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Karnataka is ready to contribute $ 1.5 Trillion, directly in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of making India a $ 5 million economy. This may interest you : Transatlantic Cooperation on Semiconductors | Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation. The government of Karnataka hopes to make the state a home for another ethnic group of Indians starting to flourish.

Making a major leap in contribution to the semiconductor industry for the country, the Karnataka government has now signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Israel-based International Semiconductor Consortium (ISMC) to invest 22,900 crores ( $ 3 billion) to the state. to establish the country’s first and largest shipyard.

The investment is planned to build a 65 nm Analog Semiconductor Fabrication plant.

Karnataka has been a pioneer in leading IT and BT start -up organizations. In the meantime, semiconductor manufacturing will create new prospects, and attract more investment in the country.

In addition, the semiconductor industry could generate about one crore of jobs by 2050, which could happen if semiconductors flourish in the country.

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The dream of a real nation can only be achieved if all the states work together with each other. Read also : Will Intel save Europe’s struggling semiconductor industry?.

Our government has introduced major changes during the epidemic, which are still helping various businesses as well as the general state.

Through the development of programs such as India Semiconductor Mission (ISM), India will now gain the top spot in other countries in attracting more and more investment companies in India.

By accelerating the adoption of Indian biodiversity, our country is able to become a new face of electrical engineering, semiconductor design, and manufacturing and innovation.

– Dr. Ashwath Narayan CN, Minister of Electronics, IT and BT, Science and Technology, Higher Education, Skills Development, Business and Life, Government of Karnataka

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