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India’s semiconductor mission and how it can drive employment

The last two years have not been stressed by the pandemic alone. The geopolitical situation triggers a shortage of chips that the world still hasn’t come out with. We are facing problems such as less supply, more demand, and insufficient capacity in our semiconductor plants.

A leading chip company says that chip shortages cost the US economy $240 billion last year. The company invested USD 95 billion to open and upgrade a semiconductor factory in Europe.

Now, as global suppliers rethink their strategies to make their supply chains more resilient, the question arises: Can India take the lead? Some experts in the country question whether India can be a second time lucky with its semiconductor manufacturing strategy and push.

Yes, it certainly can. Our country has the potential to jump into what could be a new global manufacturing hub for the world. A hub that provides rooted in democratic stability, skilled talent, and a good infrastructure ecosystem.


Karnataka was probably the first state to have a semiconductor policy. Read also : Pennsylvania could see great benefits if it intervened in favor of semiconductor chip production. Developed countries are quite far in chip design and embedded software development.

Our efforts got a big boost last year in December, when the Union Cabinet approved a 76,000 crore scheme to increase semiconductor and screen manufacturing in the country.

With this, the current shortage of semiconductors across the country will soon disappear, and India will also achieve independence in semiconductor development.

It will also take India’s leadership in the technology space to the next level, thereby leading to economic independence and giving India a new face on the global manufacturing map.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on April 29 this year, also inaugurated India’s first Semicon conference in Bengaluru to put India on the world map for semiconductors while building an innovative semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem.

Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan’s vision in electronics and semiconductors has now led to the setup of Mission Semiconductors India (ISM) as an Independent Business Division within Digital India Corporation.

This mission is intended to frame and initiate India’s long-term vision of building semiconductors and showcase manufacturing facilities along with a semiconductor design ecosystem.

It is anticipated and set to be led by global experts in the semiconductor and display industry. It will also serve as a nodal agency for the thorough and smooth implementation of the scheme.

The program will spur semiconductor and display manufacturing by assisting with capital support and industry collaboration.

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Karnataka will contribute USD 1.5 Trillion, directly contributing to PM Narendra Modi’s dream of making India a USD 5 trillion economy. To see also : Congress is “moving slowly” on the issue of power supply, the Commerce Secretary said. The government of Karnataka intends to make the state a hub for the next generation of Indian startups to thrive.

Taking a giant leap to contribute to the semiconductor industry for the country as well, the government of Karnataka has now signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Israel-based International Semiconductor Consortium (ISMC) to invest 22,900 crores ($3 billion) in the state. to establish the country’s first and largest semiconductor chip manufacturing plant.

The investment is projected to build a 65 nm Analog Semiconductor Fabrication plant.

Karnataka has been a pioneer in leading the country’s IT and BT start-up ecosystem. Now, semiconductor manufacturing will create new prospects, thereby attracting more investment to the country.

In addition, electronics production could generate about a crore of jobs by 2050, which can only happen if the semiconductor industry develops rapidly in the country.

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The dream of a truly independent country can only be realized if all countries work hand in hand. On the same subject : Is this bad news for the lack of semiconductors?.

Our government introduced bold reforms during the pandemic, which are still helping industries as well as the state at large.

By further developing programs such as the Indian Semiconductor Mission (ISM), India will now have the advantage over other countries to attract more companies to invest in India.

By accelerating India’s semiconductor ecosystem, our country can become the new face of electronics manufacturing, semiconductor design, and manufacturing and innovation.

– Dr. Aswath Narayan CN, Minister of Electronics, IT and BT, Science and Technology, Higher Education, Skills Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihoods, Government of Karnataka

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