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Semiconductor Industry Insights

The semiconductor industry has a supersized impact on global economies. We support companies along the entire semiconductor value chain—and the communities they serve—as they navigate a shifting landscape.

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1. Global Semiconductor Market Report

The global semiconductor market is expanding at a rapid pace. This is due to the increasing demand for electronic devices and surging adoption of IoT technologies. In addition, the growing need for network infrastructure to support internet users is also fueling the market growth.

Major players in the semiconductor industry are focusing on product development and acquisitions to strengthen their presence. Some of them are even establishing new manufacturing facilities to meet increasing demand. They are adopting various strategies such as partnership, agreement, regional expansion and collaborations to boost their sales.

Moreover, manufacturers are working on improving their manufacturing efficiency and lowering production costs. They are doing so by implementing smart manufacturing techniques, reducing energy consumption and employing new technology in their plants. Additionally, they are focusing on sustainability initiatives to improve their market standing. They are also incorporating innovative materials in their products to attract more customers. These factors are expected to drive the market growth in the near future.

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2. Global Semiconductor Market Forecast

Semiconductors are a vital element to every endeavor in emerging technologies, from e-mobility to artificial intelligence and 5G. And while the recent global pandemic gave us a lesson in the vulnerability of having all our chip supply come from one place, it hasn’t slowed the world as it pushes toward domestic semiconductor resiliency and global diversification.

WSTS’ monthly sales data provide a snapshot of global semiconductor industry trends. They are a key indicator of current demand and can serve as a reference point for future projections.

With the growing penetration of automotive vehicles across all regions, the automotive industry is expected to drive the global semiconductor market throughout the forecast period. The rise in the usage of private vehicles is largely attributed to lack of public transportation networks in certain regions and inclination towards high convenience commuting. In addition, the rising popularity of electric vehicles is further fueling the demand for semiconductors in this sector.

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3. Global Semiconductor Market Analysis

The growth of the semiconductor market is driven by continuous developments in consumer electronics, industrial automation and growing demand for sensors. However, shifting global trade practices and geopolitical situations could impede the growth of the semiconductor industry during the forecast period.

The e-mobility industry is expected to boost the semiconductor market owing to the rising demand for vehicles with high connectivity features and enhanced safety. This industry is booming worldwide due to lack of public transportation networks in some regions and increasing inclination of people towards a convenient commute.

The semiconductor market is segmented by component, application and region. The components include memory devices, logic devices, analog IC, MPU, discrete power, microcontroller, OSD and others. The applications include networking & communications, data centres, telecommunication, consumer electronics, aerospace and defence and automotive. The report provides an in-depth analysis of key market trends, opportunities, drivers, restraints and challenges. It also offers a competitive landscape and profiles key market players.

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4. Global Semiconductor Market Trends

The global semiconductor market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period owing to technological innovations and the growing demand for smart devices. The emergence of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, 5G communication technology, autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things are likely to drive market expansion.

In addition, the global work-from-home trend is also driving the demand for semiconductor chips. This is helping to boost sales of products such as personal computers, laptops, and smartphones.

The growing focus on energy efficiency and sustainability is another factor that is likely to drive the growth of the global semiconductor market. This is helping to drive demand for power semiconductors, which are necessary for the production of greener cars and other renewable energy technologies. However, the volatile global trade policy and tariff disruptions may dampen the growth of the global semiconductor market.

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